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Submission Instructions - Educational Grant Requests

Step-by-Step Instructions for Submitting Educational Grant Requests

Step 1: Register as a user within the Educational Grant System.

Important notes for Registration:

  • Requestors must complete an online registration profile. The registration is linked to organizations by Tax ID and there may be multiple users registered for each organization.
  • If an organization has multiple chapters/locations under the same Tax ID, these can each be registered as unique locations
  • Usernames are based on requestor email addresses, and each email address can be linked to only one organization. The user will be the Primary Contact for grant applications.
  • If a requestor partners with third parties such as Medical Education and Communications Companies, these third party companies must be listed in your registration profile before they can be linked to a grant application.
  • Third party organizations must complete an online registration profile and confirm their relationship with a requestor before a requestor will be able to include a third party organization on a grant application.
  • The Educational Grants System uses an e-signature process for Letter of Agreement (LOAs). During the registration process your organization will be required to identify who in your organization is authorized to sign LOAs and provide basic contact information for that individual.
  • The individual(s) from your organization identified as authorized to sign a LOA will receive a communication asking them to register in the system. Once they have registered, you will be able to select them as the authorized LOA signer during the grant application process.

Step 2: Prepare documents/information that you will need to reference or upload when filling out the online application. To see specific Requirements for the grant submission and application type you wish to submit. To download a blank reference copy of the application form(s) click here.

Step 3: Log into the Educational Grant System using the Submit Request tab and complete the online application. There are several tabs that you will navigate through to complete your grant application. You may save and return to an "In Progress" application at a later date by logging back into the system and navigating to the "My Actions" link on your homepage. The system will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity, but an "In Progress" grant application will not be lost..

Important notes for Grant Submissions

  • Requesting organizations must complete the online application. Third Parties, such as Medical Education and Communications Companies may not complete and submit an application on behalf of a requestor. If the grant is approved, Third Parties may be granted permission by the grant requestor to access the system for required activity status updates.
  • You will be asked to attest to several statements within the application. The statements pertain to your organization and the information included in the grant request. If you have any questions or are not able to attest to these statements, please contact the Educational Grants office via email (

Step 4: Submit your completed request. Upon submission, you will be able to print a copy of your request from "My Requests" and you will receive an automated email reply with your Grant ID number. Please save this ID number for future reference.

Step 5: Log into the system regularly to access your grant submissions via "My Requests" to check the status. The "My Actions" link on your homepage is where you will be able to complete any actions, such as respond to a Request for Additional Information (RAI), Manage Activities and complete Reconciliations. (Please note: A Request for Additional Information does not indicate approval of your request).

Step 6: If your grant application is approved, the authorized signer identified in your organization’s registration profile will receive an email requesting that they log into the system and provide an electronic signature on the LOA. Once the LOA has been countersigned by Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC, you will receive an email letting you know that the fully executed LOA is available for you to download for your records.

Step 7: Organizations and Third Parties (if applicable) will receive email notification when updates to activity status and reconciliation are required. Both functions can be accomplished online within the Educational Grants System.