Educational Grant Requests Can Be In The Form Of:

  • CME/CE Certified Grants
  • Non-Certified Grants
  • Patient/Caregiver Education
  • Fellowship Travel
  • Fellowship Support

For any supported non-certified educational activity intended for healthcare providers and for education intended for patients/caregivers, any discussion of Johnson & Johnson products must be within approved product labeling and fairly balanced. The Johnson & Johnson Law Department may request materials to assess adherence to approved product labeling prior to the start date of supported non-certified or patient education activities. Current FDA-approved labeling for products distributed by Janssen pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson can be obtained by contacting (800) 526-7736 or by visiting their website:

NOTE: This information is not intended to suggest content for any educational activity.

General Guidelines for Submission

Please see the Requirements section for information on organization eligibility to submit requests and instructions on how to register within the Educational Grants System

  • Educational grant requests must be submitted at least 10 weeks prior to the date of the event to ensure sufficient time for review. Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC reserves the right to deny requests not submitted in this timeframe.
  • Submissions must be made via the online Educational Grants System. You will receive confirmation of your submission by email. Faxed and mailed submissions will not be accepted.
  • An application is subject to rejection if information is incomplete or missing.
  • Receipt of a grant request by Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC does not guarantee approval of your grant request.
  • Financial support may be approved for less than the amount requested.
  • Applicants may designate a Third Party organization as the payee.

Disclosure of Grant Support

  • If approved, the provider must disclose the source of funding prior to the educational activity
  • The disclosure should be "Supported by an educational grant from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., administered by Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC".
  • Company logo will be provided upon request.

Managing Approved Grant Activities

For approved grants >$100,000, organizations or third party designees will be required to log in to the Educational Grants System to update the status of grant activities prior to approval of milestone payments. If you are required to manage activities for a particular grant, you will receive an email notification with directions on requirements.

Reconciliation of Completed Grants

Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC requires reconciliation of all grants within 90 days of the activity end date. The purpose of reconciliation is to ascertain if the supported activities were conducted in a manner consistent with the approved grant application, approved budget, and the executed Letter of Agreement (LOA).

When reconciliation is due, the organization will be notified via email to log in to the Educational Grants System and complete the reconciliation form and budget. Required uploads include:

  • Summary of participant evaluations
  • Final agenda
  • Preliminary outcomes report for grants >$50,000. Given timelines for advanced outcomes studies, final outcomes reports may be provided following reconciliation.
  • NOTE: Should excess funds exist, all unused funds must be returned in accordance with the LOA. Please know your organization is not permitted to redirect monies for any activity not supported in the approved grant application.