Who can I contact with questions about the grant application process for help with the website?

For technical assistance, please email our support desk at support@polarissuport.zendesk.com
For general questions about grant submission requirements: Contact Janssen Scientific Affairs Message Center at 1-866-447-2687 (866-4GRANTS) and listen for the appropriate prompt or send an e-mail to JanssenIME@its.jnj.com. If the grant has been submitted, you will need to provide the grant identification number and the primary contact’s e-mail address on file with the grant application.

Will the system time out?

Yes, after 60 min of inactivity the system will time out and you will need to re-log in from the home page. If you are in the middle of an application, navigate to My Actions to access your in-process application. If you time out while registering, your profile will only be saved if you have completed the step to enter your email address and password.

If I have a grant that was approved prior to 2011 and the activity completed prior to 2011, will I have access to the grant in the new system?

No, grants that were completed (activity occurred) prior to 2011 were not migrated to the new system. Please contact Janssen Scientific Affairs at JanssenIME@its.jnj.com and provide the grant ID to obtain information about grants completed prior to 2011

I lost my Grant Identification Number. How can I retrieve it?

The new Grant Management System allows you to view a dashboard that shows all your organization's grant activity and status. Simply use your login and password to access the dashboard.
If you are unable to access the dashboard, please send an email with the name of the requesting organization, tax ID #, and program title to JanssenIME@its.jnj.com. We will send you the Grant ID Number or contact you to obtain more information.

What do I do if my login and/or password don’t work?

Go to your home page and click on the link 'Lost Password' to reset your password. If you are still unable to access, please contact the support desk at JanssenIME@its.jnj.com

How do I print a copy of my grant application?

You can print or save a PDF copy of the application from your Inbox after it has been submitted. To print an application on the Summary/Preview page before submitting, use your Browser to "Print to PDF" to save a copy on your hard drive.

What if I do not receive e-mail notifications?

Please perform the following actions:

  1. Check SPAM and/or Junk email folders once located, right-click on the email and select the option under "Junk E-mail" to "Add Senders Domain to Safe Senders list."
  2. Alternatively, you can also manually add JanssenIME@its.jnj.com and noreply@its.jnj.com to the safe senders list by taking these steps:


What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded?

The maximum single file size is 10 megabytes.

What is the difference between the My Actions and My Requests inboxes?

My Actions (displayed upon login) shows any grants in your queue that require immediate action (i.e. unsubmitted, awaiting additional information, pending LOA). This allows you to see any tasks you need to complete when you first log into the system.

The My Requests inbox shows a history of all grants submitted by the user and site. You will only be able to take action on requests you have submitted, but you will have read-only access to requests submitted by other users from your location.

How do I set myself up for Electronic Fund Transfer?

Click here to read how to sign up for EFT.

How do I set my organization up for web invoicing?

Click here to read how to sign up for Web Invoicing

How do I register my organization/institution?

Click on the Register button and complete the required information. Once registration is complete, you may begin to submit grant applications immediately.

I have a grant that was submitted in the old system. Do I have to register my organization to access the submitted grant application?

Yes, if you submitted a grant in the old system that is still under review, or approved with activities planned for completion in 2012, you will need to register to manage that grant.

Is it possible to have more than one person register from a single organization or location?

Yes. Organizations are identified by their Organization Tax ID number, which is entered during the registration process. The Educational Grants System will allow you to create more than one user account for a given organization and/or location by selecting the same Organization Tax ID number / location address during the registration process.

I am associated with several organizations. Do I need to register separately for each?

Yes. If the organizations have separate Tax ID numbers, you will need to register separately for each and provide a unique email for each.

I work at several locations/branches within a single organization. Do I need to register separately for each location?

No. If all of the locations/branches are under one Tax ID, they are all considered as a single registration.

Is it possible for a user account (a single email identifier) to be associated with multiple organizations?

No, the system does not allow one user account to be associated with multiple Organization Tax ID numbers.

What is a 'location'?

Some organizations have multiple locations, chapters, sites etc under the same Tax ID. Each is considered a separate location that should be registered.

What is a third party?

A third party is an entity that contributes to content development, certifies the activity for non-physician audiences, or is the requesting organizations designated payee. Organizations that provide only logistics assistance are not required to register.

All third parties must be in compliance with Janssen Scientific Affairs policies, including firewall policies.

What if I enter false information?

Knowingly providing false information or failing to answer all questions truthfully and completely may be grounds for not accepting grant requests, halting existing grants, or barring organizations from future grant requests. Falsifying an application, attempting to violate the privacy of others, or attempting to compromise the operation of this system may also be criminally punishable.

Why do I need to identify someone that has legal authority to sign on behalf of my organization?

If the organization submits a grant that is provisionally approved, the organization must have an authorized individual sign the Letter of Agreement (LOA). During the registration process, applicants must identify the individual who has the proper (legal) signing authority to execute the LOA on behalf of the organization requesting the grant.

What kinds of activities can be supported by educational grants?

Janssen Scientific Affairs can provide support for CE/CME certified educational activities, non-certified independent educational activities, patient education, travel fellowships, and research/clinical fellowships.

What are some examples of the types of grant requests that Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC does not accept?

See Exclusions list

Can I request a grant for an activity that has already occurred?

No. Requests for support must be received at least 10 weeks prior to the date of the activity

Does The Company give grants to individuals or private physician clinics?

No, Janssen Scientific Affairs cannot support grants given to an individual or a private physician clinic. Individuals cannot be designated as payees.

How can I submit a request for a charitable special event or charitable contribution?

Please forward an e-mail message to contributions@janus.jnj.com or visit the Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc website and click on "Our Giving" to submit a request online.

Who do I contact to request funding for an exhibit or a sponsorship?

Such questions should be directed to the local sales representative. If you don't know who your rep is, you may call (800) 526-7736 and ask for the contact information of the sales representative that covers your area.

What types of organizations are eligible to receive an educational grant?

Educational grants may be awarded to for-profit, nonprofit, and 501C3 tax-exempt organizations. Educational grants for certified independent educational activities may only be provided to an accredited organization that is an academic medical center, hospital, medical society, professional association, pharmacy, nursing, governmental agency or quality organization that is engaged in, or represents healthcare professionals who provide direct patient care.

My organization is a medical education and communication company (MECC) that is an ACCME-accredited provider of CME. Can we submit an educational grant application to Janssen Scientific Affairs?

No. Accredited MECCs are not eligible to directly receive grant funding. However, an eligible organization may choose to collaborate with a third party such as a MECC to assist in the development or execution of an educational activity. Third parties may certify educational activities for non-physician credits.

What are the basic requirements for a fellowship support request?

For information on requirements for specific grant types please refer to the Requirements for Grant Requests section on our company website

For which type of conferences are Fellowship travel requests considered?

Support may only be given for fellows to attend major medical conferences, congresses or association meetings.

What are the requirements for grant submissions?

For information on requirements for specific grant types please refer to the Requirements for Grant Requests section on our company website.

What documents/information do I need to have available when I initiate a new grant request?

Requirements for Grant Requests section on our company website. You may also download a blank request form to determine what documents you need to have available when you complete your grant request.

Can I complete part of the grant request and return to it later?

Yes. If you are unable to complete your grant request in one sitting, you may save the request and come back to it later by clicking < Save & Continue Later> at the bottom of the page. At any time before the submission of a grant request, you will have the opportunity to come back and make changes to the request.

Can I submit more than one application at a time?

Yes. Organizations may submit multiple requests into the system. Each must be treated as a separate application.

Can my local sales representative assist me with completing the application process or apprise me of the status?

No, Only the Janssen Scientific Affairs independent medical education department may answer questions regarding grants process or provide status updates. assist you with your request. Submission of your grant request by any Janssen Scientific Affairs or Janssen Pharmaceuticals personnel will lead to automatic rejection of your request.

What is the required lead time for submitting a request?

All requests must be received at least 10 weeks prior to the start date of the activity

How will I know if my grant request was successfully submitted?

You will receive a confirmation email with the Grant Identification Number assigned to your request once the grant has been submitted.
If you do not receive a confirmation, e-mail JanssenIME@its.jnj.com
You may also check in My Requests on the grants portal to check the status.

How can I check the status of my grant request?

Log in to the grants portal to access "My Requests" on your homepage. The Inbox will contain a list of all grants and the status of each.

You may check the status of your request by clicking on "My Requests" in the grants portal.

How long will it take to receive a decision?

Grant reviews take an average of 6-8 weeks. However, in some instances the review time may be longer depending on the particular grant, for example the submission date in relation to activity start date or the need for additional information. Requests are not considered fully approved until a letter of Agreement is signed by all parties.

How will I know if my request has been approved or denied?

You will receive an email notification once a decision has been reached on your funding request. You can check the status of your grant online in "My Requests"

What if I have my own Letter of Agreement?

Janssen Scientific Affairs policy prohibits the use of 3rd party Letters of Agreement. Grant approval is contingent upon all parties signing the Janssen Scientific Affairs Letter of Agreement.

What if my descriptions, agenda, budget etc. do not fit into the allotted space?

You will have the opportunity to upload supporting documentation at the end of the Grant Request Form.

What happens if my third parties or authorized signers do not show up in the drop down windows during the request?

Third Parties must be identified in your organization's profile and be registered in the system before they will appear in the application drop down list. If you do not see the third party name you wish to include in a grant application, please refer back to your profile to determine if they were previously identified. If they are not included in your profile, please enter the appropriate contact information to invite the Third party to register. If the Third party is listed in your profile but is not included in your drop down please contact us at JanssenIME@its.jnj.com or 866-447-2687 (866-4GRANTS)

In the required budget template, should I provide the entire activity budget or just the portion for which I am requesting fundi

We require that the overall expenses of the program (Total Program Costs columns), as well as the requested funds (Requested Funding from Janssen Scientific Affairs columns) is captured in the budget form in the application.

What is a 'Request for Additional Information' and how much time do I have to provide the requested information?

A Request for Additional Information (RAI) is made when more information is needed to consider your grant request. The request will be sent via email. Please log in and navigate to your request in your My Actions inbox. Only the fields that have been selected for more information will be available to edit. You may also be asked to upload additional information on the Document Upload tab.

Please update the application as requested and resubmit within 5 business days. Failure to resubmit with the required information within this time frame may result in the cancellation of your request. A cancellation is not a denial, and if a provider chooses to resubmit a new application that includes the requested information they may do so.

Can I resubmit if my grant request is denied?

Your rejection notification will indicate whether or not the request is eligible for resubmission.

If my grant request is approved and the program takes place shortly after the notification period, will I receive my payment in time for the program?

If your grant request is approved, we will do our best to process your contract and payment in a timely fashion, but cannot guarantee that you will receive payment prior to your activity date.

Will my funding to my organization be made public?

If your grant is accepted, Janssen Scientific Affairs reserves the right to post payment the information regarding funding under this agreement on a publicly accessible web site. This includes the identity of the recipient, the amount monetary value of the funding, the purposes for such funding, and other information as the Company determines appropriate. This information is available to view Transparency Report.

What language should we use in our program materials/signage to recognize Janssen Scientific Affair's support of our educational program?

The following recommended verbiage should be used: "Supported by an educational grant from Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc, administered by Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC Please review guidelines on www.JanssenIME.com for additional information.

How do I access and manage my grants?

Log in to the grants portal to access "My Requests" on your homepage and take the appropriate action.

How do I request a logo to acknowledge your company's support of a program?

To request a copy of our company logo, please forward an e-mail message to the appropriate Grant Analyst. You will need to provide your Grant Identification Number and the e-mail address on file with your application.

Click here to see in the Guidelines.

Can funding be transferred to a similar or different program if the original program is cancelled?

No. A new grant request for the revised activity must be submitted. Funds provided for activities that are cancelled or changed must be returned to Janssen Scientific Affairs.

What is Manage Activities?

For approved grants ≥$100,000, the primary contact listed in the grant, or their designee, will be notified by email to manage the activities associated with the approved grant. Notifications will be sent approximately 30 days prior to an anticipated milestone date (i.e. 30 days before an activity launch). When notified, navigate to the grant and select Manage Activities. From this screen you will see the activities from the request in a "planned" status. By clicking on the pencil icon you will be able to edit/update the fields shown on the screen. You can add comments or show any changes to events. NOTE: Any significant changes to the approved activity requires the submission of a scope change form.

What is a Scope Change?

A change in the scope of a program requires completion of a Change of Scope Form. These changes can include significant change in activity timelines (>45 days), the number and/or types of activities, or changes in budget requirements. Scope change requests must be reviewed by the Janssen Scientific Affairs Grant Review Committee. The Committee may choose to approve the scope change, or deny and request a return of funds.

Must I submit a new request if the program dates and/or speaker information have been modified from the original?

No. However, the date change must be updated in the grant through the "Manage Activities" link. A significant change in date will require a scope change form and grant committee review. The rescheduled activity date must be within 12 months of the signed agreement.

How do I submit the results of my educational outcomes assessment(s)?

Preliminary Outcomes Reports can be uploaded at the time of Reconciliation. Final Reports can be emailed to the Grants Office when available.

What information is required when submitting the activity reconciliation?

At the completion of the funded activity, organizations are required to submit information detailing the audience reach, use of funds, and other information to verify the grant funding was used in alignment with the approved application. CLICK HERE to review detailed information regarding information required.

Am I required to reconcile my budget and return any unused funds?

Yes, to the extent that any of the funds are not used for the activity as defined in the written agreement, the provider must return any unused or excess funds to The Company within 6 months following the completion of the activity.

What happens when a program generates revenue?

If a program is solely funded by Janssen Scientific Affairs, monies need to be returned. For multiple sources of income, any dollars provided by Janssen Scientific Affairs not used for the activity must be returned.

Can I submit a grant request if there are no posted RFGAs?

Yes, grants are not required to be associated with an RFGA. We review grants on an ongoing basis.

How do I find out if there are any current/open RFGAs?

Current RFGAs are posted on our website within the Request for Grant Applications (RFGA) page.

I am currently working on a grant application in response to an RFGA, and would like more time. May I request an extension?

In most circumstances, extensions are not provided. However, certain exceptions may apply. Prior written request must be approved by the Education Director. An email can be sent to JSA-RFGA@its.jnj.com.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the information provided in the RFGA communication?

Forward an e-mail message to JSA-RFGA@its.jnj.com and reference the RFGA Code in the e-mail subject line.

How do I opt out of receiving communications regarding the RFGA process?

If you are not interested in receiving RFGA notifications from our organization, please follow this link and at a minimum enter the email address that you would like removed for our distribution list.

Can I submit one application for multiple activities?

Yes. If you are unable to complete your grant request in one sitting, you may save the request and come back to it later by clicking < Save & Continue Later> at the bottom of the page. At any time before the submission of a grant request, you will have the opportunity to come back and make changes to the request.